PLEASE NOTE You need to use a PC or a Mac to download. Downloading direct to a tablet or phone will not work unless you have a special App.

  Will the video downloads work on ipads and iphones?         girl circle

     YES.    Please choose the MP4 files - the GREEN button.  Download the files on your Mac or PC   and then click the FILE menu on iTunes - "add file to library". You can then transfer the videos to your device.

 Click this link to see a video showing the iTunes procedure:


 I can hear the music but I don't see any pictures when I play the trial file?

     It may be possible that you don't have the correct CODECS installed on your computer to play AVI video files.

  The above link may be useful. If you download a CODEC pack, you may find that the file will play on Windows Media Player.

   Windows 7 does not come with these Codecs pre-installed.


 Do you sell DVDs?

 Sorry, but we don’t have any DVDs available. 

 The video files available from the website can be converted to DVD format and then burned to a DVD. 

 We can recommend the Need4Video converter  There are a number of other converters available.

 There might be a file converter included with your computer's DVD burning software. 


 Is there a CD available?

 Yes. There are 2 CDs available on This is the U.S. site so postage may be quite expensive if you are ordering from outside North America.


 Are there any more Phonics Songs?

  All our videos are on our YouTube channel. If it's not there then it hasn't been made yet.

 We do plan to finish the series of individual phonics songs eventually.


 Do you have any sheet music?

  Sorry, we don't have any sheet music available. 

  Many of the songs do have guitar chords posted in the info box under the video on YouTube .

  You may need to click "show more" to see the full information. 


 Do you have any Karaoke/Instrumental versions?

  No. Sorry.


If you have any further questions. Please email:      admin    (no space)Red Rabbit










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